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This 20th C. Bench is truly unique, a one of a kind. It has been sculpted out of Steel and has some strong industrial elements in the design.  We don't know who commisioned the bench and have been unable to trace the artist/maker is but the initials TF are stamped on the right hand side.  It was reportedly installed along Liverpool docks and although we have no evidence of this we can easily imagine it being so.

There are fixings for bolts on both of the bottom supports so it was obviously used in a municipal area and someone named George (among others) has etched upon the seat and left the year date of 2000, so this seat pre-dates that.

Total Length 180 cm

Total Depth 68 cm

Total Height 87 cm

Seat Length 146 cm

Seat Depth 35 cm

Seat Height 44 cm

20th C. Steel Bench Sculpture

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